Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Experience to Remember

Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant has been invited by TVS Electronics Limited for their events held in Chennai, India from 2nd to 4th August 2008. We were invited not as participants of the event, but as their guest caterer. *wow!*

“TVS Electronics is part of the USD3.5Bn TVS Group of India. TVS Electronics designs, manufactures and distributes IT products, dot matrix printers, point of sale terminals, printer supplies, keyboards, mouses, uninterruptible power supplies, and set top boxes. TVS Electronics was established in 1986. TVS Electronics has a strong market presence in India.” (Wikipedia, 4 June 2011)

The event was held in Chennai’s premium business Five Star Hotel, The Accord Metropolitan. *Double wow!*

DSC05293 DSC05296

To have been invited as guest caterer by such prestigious promising company to such luxurious hotel to prepare food for all those Indian big-shots, it is no doubt a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both Ms Lee and the Chefs. We were elated, not of the fame, but the golden opportunity to bring our food across thousand of miles and share our art of cooking with people of a different skin color. Not to forget, this is also an awesome learning opportunity for us and an experience one would remember for life.

Ms Lee was more  excited than anybody else. One would never dream that her food would be shared with people so many miles across the globe. Hmm now take a minute to put yourself in the shoes of Ms Lee. Do you find yourself grinning from ear to ear, especially if you’re a passionate cook, just like Ms Lee. 

Much efforts were put in in preparing the catering for this event in India. Now see the following images and judge for yourself!

From the numerous emails….


To coming up of the various dishes, specially designed to suit the taste buds of our Indian friends…


DSC05287 DSC05288

DSC05289 DSC05290


And the letter of appreciation from lotUS…


Yes they were all HAND WRITTEN by Ms Lee alone!!! *Go ahead and be STUNNED*

Seriously, so much heart and soul were put in, no one can deny the utmost sincerity from Ms Lee and from Lotus.

India 1

Ms Lee with the Head Chef of The Accord Metropolitan

India 10

The Head Chef with Ms Lee, Mr Remee Lee and Lotus Chefs

India 2

India 7

The Chefs at work, Spot Ms Lee! Yes she’s always hands-on-ing :)

India 5India 6

India 3 India 9

India 11 India 12

Communicating and Coordinating to provide the Best

Some of the dishes Lotus prepare for the Event…

India 13

Top: Crispy Cauliflower with “Black Moss’, Bottom: Chinese Curry with Soya Chunks

India 14

Top: Fried Vermicelli with Superior Sauce from Taiwan, Bottom: Fried Rice with imported Cedar Leaves from Taiwan 

India 15   Top: Traditional Chinese ‘Char Siew Bao’ stuff with roasted ingredients, Bottom: Soya Slices with contents of wheat protein

India 16

Top: Home-made Spicy Mushroom Sauce with Lady Fingers, Bottom: Abalone Mushrooms from Thailand

India 17  Top: Chinese Flower Mushrooms with Grade ‘A’ Brown ‘Wood Fungus’ stewed with Chinese Herbs and Spices, Bottom: Mixed Vegetables with Gingko Nuts

India 18

Top: The Szechuan Style, Bottom: Special ‘XO’ Sauce with Brinjal 

India 4

Fruits and Vegetables Carving by Chef Sun Ming Fei from Lotus :)


The hard work, the time, the great efforts are all worth it.

Don’t you think so :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Servicing from our hearts:

collage 1  Left: Yanping and Mel. Yanping has been with us for more than 6 months. She’s my mentor cum good friend and she has taught me plenty of stuff since the day I joined Lotus Family!   她是我并肩作战的好姐妹!很感恩有她的存在 :)

Right: Zhang Jie and Mel. Zhang Jie has been with us for more than 5 years! She’s my teacher who taught me a lot and also take care of me a lot here at Lotus :)

collage 2

Left: Chris and John who have just joined the Lotus Family. They’re both from the Philippines. Welcome aboard!

Right: Jeffery (the one in the middle) has been with us for more than a year. He’s an expert in setting up of Lotus buffet counter. Tristan has been with us for close to a year. He’s the disciple of Jeffery, a playful chap but serious at work :)


We have joy We have fun We always serve you from our Hearts <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We have It Eggless Just for You

I didn’t know that Lotus actually takes cake orders until about a month ago, when I approached Boss and suggested that Lotus should probably start having make-to-order cakes since quite a number of our customers came Lotus for birthday celebrations. I was surprised how come no marketing was done on these made-to-order cakes because Lotus’ very own cakes are tasty, beautiful, and most important of all, our cakes are special because it consists of no egg at all! What a unique piece of art to be used to celebrate your birthday! And, it tastes just as good as those with the extra cholesterol and fats that you can buy from any bakeries.

I feel that I need to do some justice to these very yummy healthy lovely cakes.

It happened that I got a customer who reserved a table for 13 to celebrate her Mommy’s birthday. As I was recommending to her some of our Set Meals Menu, I told her about our made-to-order eggless cakes. And she said yes! :)

Presenting my very first deal of made-to-order Lotus Eggless Cake :)


XiaoYan Jie, who’s the assistance of my pastry chef, suggested that she’ll make two, just in case. Here we have the first one. It’s round, chocolate-flavored, covered with whipped cream and chocolate rice and topped with fresh srawberries (My Favorite!).

collage 2

The second one is square-shaped, chocolate-flavored, topped with cocoa powder, chocolate-dipped longans (XiaoYan Jie’s innovation!) and two huge strawberries.

collage 3

Ta Daaaa! Mel and Lotus’ Eggless Cakes! YUM!

collage 4

Looks awesome, aren’t they :)

My customer chose the round one. Her family and herself said it’s delicious and they finished it all :))))

Details of Lotus Made-To-Order Eggless Cakes are as follows:

Flavors available: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango

Shape: Round or Square

Weight: 1 or 2 Kg

Price: s$32.00 (for 1kg)

Cake’s Decor is based on Chef’s discretion (Rest assured that it’ll be a good job done!) Please call to make your order about 3 – 5 days in advance :)

Come celebrate your Birthday here at Lotus. Birthday song can be requested to be aired :)Just a note, Birthday Joy is contagious. Don’t be surprised if you find the whole restaurant singing you the birthday song ^^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greenies on the Move at Lotus


Collage a 

From Left: YongHong, Yilina, Javin (GreenDot Associate), Mel and Justin

Cheerios GreenDot! JIAYOU!

Confessions of the Greenies- Why do I want to be part of GreenDot






Lotus Buffet Catering Service

collage 1

It was my maiden Lotus Buffet Catering trip on 19 June 2011. It wasn’t exactly a magnificent one ( That, I mean food prepared for number of persons exceeding hundred), but still, there’s a lot need to be done prior and during delivery, from the preparation of the dishes to the setting up of buffet stand, carrying the food from the vehicle to the venue and arranging the shafting dishes. It was no doubt exhausting, but having the thought that more people can get to taste those yummy green dishes and seeing the smiles on our customer’s face after we’d set up the buffet, makes all hard work worthwhile. 


Here, I would like to share with you our Buffet Catering Menu: 

LOTUS GOLD (s$12.00 per pax)- 9 course


LOTUS JADE (s$15.00 per pax)- 9 course


LOTUS PEARL (s$18.00 per pax)- 10 course


LOTUS CRYSTAL (s$20.00 per pax)- 12 course


Disposable eating utensils and trash bags will be provided.

Minimum of 30 pax is required. In addition, there’ll be a delivery charge of s$30.00. Please place your order with us at least two weeks in advance :)

Do call us at 6254 0090/91 should you require further assistance or drop us your enquiry at  

Monday, June 20, 2011

“百亿打造的十堂服务课 ”的学习要点



- 问候亲切且得宜,不会冒失地刻意攀熟,从亲切但不逾越的安心距离中,建立顾客对饭店的信赖

- 站在顾客的立场


4) 成为绅士淑女,其责任相对重大,不是听命办事所能比疑的。

- “我们是服务绅士与淑女的绅士与淑女 ”

- 对等的关系

- 互敬的气氛


- 有没有微笑接听电话

- 微笑—因为我们站在舞台上

- 乐在其中, 五感并用,细心感受



8) 热情, 是影响周遭的原动力




12) 技术可由在职训练养成,人格却难籍在职教育重塑面试问题-你最近读过什么书?那本书最感动你是什么?你上个月有为了讨家人欢心而特地做哪些事情吗?假设,你的同事不是很愿意配合或支授你的工作,你会怎么做?

13) 给新人发挥创意的机会-新进员工比较能够发现一些资深员工已经习以为常,视而不见的问题

14) 异业结盟,是品牌策略的活棋

15) 超越服务的那瞬间,让顾客由‘满意 ’变‘感动 ’,由‘感动 ’变‘感谢 ’,成为顾客喜爱的品牌

16) 技能可以透过训练精进,品格却很难透过训练改变。人格,是个人本身就有的才能之一;企业必须像挖掘砖石原石一样去发觉它,把它放到企业哲学和理念这部研磨机器上加上成品格。

17) 想提高服务品质,一定要先训练自己的想象力。等到想象力有了,判断能力也足够的时候,服务技能自然也会变好。

18) 用爱对待顾客

19) 乘持‘永远替顾客着想,不断努力,只为以最好的服务款待顾客 ’的信念,为顾客服务,渐渐地,信念就会变成习惯,而习惯又会变成人格特质。

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